Decided to try something a little different with this tip, because since the site started back in March, we’ve gotten a lot of messages asking if there were any good books for learning how to be more successful with dating. I’ve never really had an answer for those messages, because there are two things that I’m not really about: endorsing and pick-up books (three things if you count Nickelback.) But, one of my bros own this one, and I was recently inspired by it because it’s the only one I’ve ever seen that actually encourages you to be yourself, a naturally good dude, instead of following instructions from some douchelord “pick-up master.” So for everyone wanting to learn how to be better in social situations, and/or if you like the advice you’ve seen here and want more dating advice without turning into a sleazeball, this book is definitely worth checking out. And to all of the people that’ve waited this long for me to get back to you on that question, I’m sorry and you’re welcome.
Posted 2 years ago on Tuesday 7 February 2012
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